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Daily Astrology. Today's Moon: The Moon is in Aquarius until PM, after which the Moon is in Pisces. The void Moon continues Free Natal Chart Report .
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When you were born, your psyche received a unique imprint determined not only by where the sun was but also where the moon was and which planet was rising. Our free birth chart calculator can help decipher how the solar, lunar and ascendant planet's energies will manifest in your life. By entering your birthday, time and location of birth, you can find out if you are a cusp sign and what that means; the exact placements of all your planets Uranus , Saturn , Jupiter , etc.

For the most accurate birth chart analysis, you will need the date of birth and also the hour, minute, and place of birth. The exact time of birth will affect your ascendant and the placement of your houses.

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If you are unable to get the exact time, make the closest possible estimate or enter noon. If you don't know the exact time of birth, select PM noon as many astrologers use this as a default time.

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  • As part of this service, you will also receive occasional special offers from Astrology. You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time. All Tarot. Now I would like to look more closely at the ways in which each of us 'sees what one can best see oneself', with a brief exploration of the charts of three of modern astrology's most creative founders.

    I believe every human being belongs to a Father Star in heaven..

    Astrology Guide: Zodiac Signs & Reading Your Chart

    Hence Astrology teaches that Character is Destiny. Astrologers might also identify the great conjunction of Neptune and Pluto in Gemini in as a signature of this enormous cultural shift. Leo was determined to educate the larger public about astrology: he was a natural preacher and proselytiser, who had in fact worked as a commercial traveller before he immersed himself in his esoteric and astrological work. There can be no question that he believed wholeheartedly and intensely in the evolutionary spirituality he promulgated.

    There are astrologers working in the 21st century who, to a greater or lesser extent, likewise espouse this belief system, and many of them do excellent work with complete integrity and commitment. Perhaps what is most important about Alan Leo is that his astrology, although articulated in the language of Theosophy and linked through its vision of spiritual progress to larger cultural trends, is also deeply and truly his own. Next I would like to briefly explore the astrology and natal chart of Dane Rudhyar.

    My approach is oriented to the possibility of developing in every person a steady eagerness for self-transformation and independence from the socio-cultural patterns of the past. On the belief that there is latent in every man and woman the power to be greater than they are, more creative, freer, yet more deeply committed to a process of world-transformation, I stand Rudhyar is a close cousin to Leo in his emphasis on human potential and the spiritual understanding of human destiny.

    Which sign is that planet in right now?

    But Rudhyar emerged from a very different cultural background. This is a quasi-psychological, quasi-spiritual astrology expressed in the 20th century language of New Age culture, which still proves inspirational to a great many astrologers, particularly in America. Like Alan Leo, he is a fiery individual with Sun-Jupiter and Moon-Jupiter contacts, and this particular emphasis may reflect the focus on spiritual evolution which is common to both.

    Rudhyar has a greater emphasis in air, suggesting the need to develop an individual philosophy, a framework of ideas that incorporated, but was not entirely derived from, Theosophical sources. But for both these astrologers, astrology was viewed as a spiritual path and as a body of knowledge that should be made available to everyone rather than treated as an elite esoteric lore. For one thing, it is a system of symbolism of a high order which can be a most valuable aid to the contemplation of the truths of mystical philosophy… When we enter the realm of symbolism we open the field to the higher human faculties of reason and intuition, and to science and philosophy in their true and integral sense… The true practice of astrology depends upon reading the symbolism of the nativity, and a good synthesis depends upon a good analysis, and a good analysis upon a knowledge of the laws and principles of astrological symbolism.

    Rather than pursuing a Theosophical vision of imminent New Age revelation and transformation, he emphasised the contemplative, philosophical dimension of astrology, and found his inspiration in the harmony, order, beauty, and intelligence of the cosmos described so eloquently in Platonic philosophy. His astrology reflects how he lived his life: a deeply introspective, thoughtful, and profoundly reflective man, whose truths lay not in the inspirational tradition of Rudhyar or the Theosophical religious framework of Leo, but in the perfection of the geometric patterns of cosmic unity offered by ancient Greek thought.

    However, every one of us has an individual bias, and the categories offered by Patrick and Roy can be useful in helping us to focus on the long history of differing religious and philosophical traditions from which we draw our modern astrological knowledge. These are simplified categories — there are only five — and I can think of some that are not included in their list.

    There would be something seriously wrong if any individual perspectives did fit too neatly. As with astrological typologies, such classifications are meant to make us think, question, debate, and explore, rather than giving us a sanctified set of rules by which to define personal truths. Overlapping with, but fundamentally different from, astrology as divination are the more philosophically inclined Neoplatonic and Hermetic approaches, which can encompass such complex spheres as astral magic and theurgy — even more emphasised in medieval Kabbalistic astrology — but which tend, above all, to view astrological configurations as symbols of a unified cosmos rather than either mechanical causes or representatives of a plurality of celestial powers.

    Moon in 9th house of D9 Navamsa chart in Vedic Astrology

    This might seem to be a causal rather than a synchronous approach, more closely allied with what we now understand as science. But it might not be as simple as Patrick and Roy suggest. So-called scientific astrology is rather a misnomer, since science as it was understood by astrologers prior to the Enlightenment encompassed much of what we might now assign to the sphere of religion.

    It would seem that the more sophisticated we become, the fewer certainties we can rely on in the study and practice of astrology. Such a doctrine continues to elude us, and we have only experience and experimentation to rely on in order to discover where and how each of us is able to do our best work. Lack of certainty can result in anxiety, and anxiety can result in an intense quest for a single Truth that allows us to make clear, stark, black-and-white choices.

    Although apparently reassuring, this is the basis of fundamentalism, which is and has always been a characteristic human response to the terror of losing certainty. And fundamentalism, as we have seen all too well lately in the sphere of religion, and even occasionally in the sphere of astrology, breeds intolerance and hatred.

    We may find value in Hellenistic techniques or newly discovered heavenly bodies, or espouse a divinatory or a psychological approach, or a deterministic or a mechanistic one, or a poetic or a religious one, or a complex mix of any or all of these and many others besides. But what matters most is that we are able to recognise that astrology has always contained many astrologies, and that each of us must find the unique blend that reflects our own deepest aspirations and offers a vehicle for our own special talents.

    Perhaps the most creative thing we can do as astrologers is to find the astrology, and the way of living life, which most authentically reflects who we are as individuals, and practice it with as much skill and integrity as possible, with respect for the perspectives of those who, being different individuals, will inevitably see a different astrology that is also and equally valid.

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